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1. What is a flowplace?

 At first glance, a flowplace resembles a marketplace. But it is so much more. Utilizing free currencies, a flowplace gives individuals and communities the ability to build wealth together.

Flowplaces support the emergence of global wisdom driven organizations. No more lay offs due to a lack of money; competition for limited funds; unfulfilling and dead end jobs taken only to acquire money; no more limits on what can be accomplished due to a shortage of money.
2. What are free currencies?
Free currencies allow you to express and build all forms of wealth, from buying and selling stuff to building reputation and trust in the circles you are part of. Free currencies also allow the measurement of things such as quality, reliability, productivity, health, sustainability, etc. Any values that count for you and the people you work with. Isn't this real capital?

There is no limit to how many currencies can be created and there is no need to limit the amount of "money" that can exist within a particular currency. If you have expertise, talent, creativity, time to offer or things to sell, you will always be able to find a currency or create a new one to bring wealth to fruition.
3. What can I do in the flowplace?
You can do all the things you are used to doing with conventional money. You can find others who can work for and with you, and you can offer your services to others. You can join existing projects, launch new businesses, create efficiency within your social network, or reactivate the economy in your neighborhood. You can also buy and sell things, just like in eBay.

However, this is only the beginning. Tradeable wealth is only one form of wealth supported by free currencies. As you dive more deeply into the flowplace, you will discover that free currencies allow you to create all sorts of wealth -- wealth that been largely underdeveloped and ignored due to  the scarcity and limitations of conventional money.

In a flowplace, do what you are good at and enjoy, bringing wealth to yourself and your community in the process.


4. Who owns the flowplace and who is building it?
Everyone owns it. Flowplace platforms belongs to the commons and the software is free and open source.

Flowplaces are being created by world citizens who want to create a better, more efficient and more encompassing monetary system that gives everyone an equal chance to play. They don't operate in the name of any political party, religious group or private organization.
5. How much does it cost?
The short answer is: nothing. Jump in and enjoy the flowplace. Payment in dollars, euros, or any other conventional currency is not in the spirit of the flowplace. When you use the flowplace you will be creating and receiving wealth in many forms. Those that contribute to the creation and  maintenance of a flowplace itself will clearly need support for their works, however, this support will come from free currencies.

That said, as we transition from a world of scarce currency to a world of sufficient currency, donations in conventional currency to support the creation and maintenance of the flowplace are more than welcome.
6. I still don't understand the difference between "money" and "free currencies"...
Theoretically money is a public tool issued by a Nation so that citizens can engage in commerce. But reality shows quite another face: about 95% of the money in circulation today is created by private banks, and you have to pay for it by means of interest. The truth is that money is private, scarce, opaque, controlled by the few. The current global financial crisis is a natural outcome of this situation.

Free currencies allow citizens, entrepreneurs, organizations, regions, cities, and NGO's to monetize themselves without being dependent on our monopolistic monetary system. Millions of free currencies will soon circulate through the Internet and our cell phones.
7. Do I need to be on my computer to make transactions?
Currently, yes, using either your computer our an Internet enabled phone. Soon you will be able to make transactions with any cell phone using voice or text messaging. Free currencies will then become accessible to most people and importantly those in developing countries that are so deprived of conventional money.
8. Isn't this too good to be true?
Let's stick to facts: true wealth comes from nature's gifts and human work. Scarce money is stopping people from building wealth for themselves, their community and the world. It triggers predatory behavior between people and against nature. We think it is both realistic and feasible to create currencies that enable this capacity rather than limit it. That's the purpose of the flowplace and free currencies.
9. How do I join the flowplace?
Right now the flowplace is in alpha mode, being used by a limited community of people involved in its development. The flowplace will soon be open to beta testers, and then to everyone. Sign up for the newsletter to be kept informed. You can also follow us on Twitter.
10. How can I contribute?
Current members contribute with programming, creation of content, translation, documenting, donating, and the list goes on... Please write us if you want to join our team.