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When :

September 24th 2009


11 am (CST) Check your time

2 hours


LiveStream channel



To be part of the event these are the prerequisites:
Create an account on Flowplace / P L A Y !

To have the best experience in the event here is what you can do: 

The money fix" (whole film)

Free currencies video (7mins)

The Wall Street Journal "The currency revolution"

Calling all geeks who want to build the next economy!

What are we calling you to?

Have you always wanted to be part of the challenge of building the next world? ... If so we might have something for you: 

We are building an open platform of protocols and languages for creating currencies that will give birth to the next economy.  This suite of tools will allow every human being and every community to build and share wealth the way they need by means of free currencies:


* The MetaCurrency project is building the standards, language, platforms

* The flowplace project is building the spaces where these free currencies will flow
We have begun implementing these projects. Various tools and protocols already running and progressing, being tested and improved every day, but this is not enough. We believe this next economy will completely change our way of building and exchanging wealth. To make it accessible to more people, more people need to get involved; so we invite you to join and help us building and constructing this next world together.


Why you?
 you are interested in pionneering an international challenge

 you are curious about this subject and would like to know more

 you want to contribute to building global collective intelligence

 you have skills and talents that can serve a great cause

 you need concrete and meaningful action

 you want to be part of a team of new economy builders

 you want to be part of a project similar to GNU\Linux
you want to help and you want to know how
you are holding similar projects (currencies) and want to find potential synergies

How to Help?
In order to become familiar with the projects, and to introduce yourself to the team, we are organizing an online event on 24th of September.

The Event : Meet the geeks

 We will use a Livestream channel to explore the topics of "open data", "open transport" and "open rules" which are the basic components of the metacurrency project. We will watch some videos and chat live with the metacurrency team to answer your questions and update you in our current edge and projects status. We will also speak with TheTransitioner team to explore the concept of the flowplace and provide with the next steps you can take if you decide to join us.
This will be a really special moment where you can get to understand the bases of the projects and chat directly with the experts working on it.